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You Voted For Trump; You Got What You Deserved

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Everyone thought it would be a great idea to have a Washington outsider as president. Someone from outside the establishment. A businessman because we needed some business sense in government. All those things are valid, but Donald Trump was completely the wrong businessman for the job. A man who bankrupted most of his companies. A man who set up organizations which were later found to have defrauded their clients. A man who promised to be the most transparent president and who has routinely blocked access to his finances, taxes, even his college transcript. A man who has invoked executive privilege to block members of his cabinet from testifying. A man who decried about how much time President Obama spent on the golf course has now far exceeded his predecessor and managed to funnel taxpayer money into his own hotels and resorts.

Then there was the Russian interference. Which Trump claimed was a hoax, but which we all now know wasn't. Then there was when he leaked our classified intelligence sources with the Israelis to the Russians. Then there was his handing the entire middle east to the Russians and the Iranians. Then there was stabbing the Ukraine in the back. Followed now by the bounties on US and UK soldiers.

Then came COVID-19 (for you Trumpers that would be the non-racist term for the Kung Flu) and we got to see Trump democracy inaction (that's not a typo). So while tens of thousands of Americans were dying, there was a complete lack of leadership. Instead, we were told that one day it would just go away. Kind of the same way the dinosaurs did. I mean, once the human race is wiped out I'm sure the virus will just vanish. Good plan moron. And now we have the beginnings of a race war.

I have to hand it to the man. The KGB had been trying to destroy America for almost eighty years. Trump managed to check almost all their boxes in just over three. He's the best KGB agent Putin could have ever had working for him. I mean really, the man who has two wives who came from the former east and Soviet sphere of influence and the Republicans like McConnell and Graham say the Democrats are working for the Russians? The very guy they are supporting has more ties to the USSR than Bill Clinton.

So if you voted for Trump, even when Fox news told you in 2015 how bad an idea that was (remember when Fox news wasn't Trump state propaganda television? Should just call it TASS America)? Well, you got what you voted for. Don't blame the Democrats. In fact don't blame any party. Party labels are for lazy people. Blame the ignorant masses of voters who didn't bother to educate themselves on what was really going on in the world. And the next time you think someone needs to be an expert in the field to sit on a company's board, remember you elected a guy with absolutely no qualifications to lead the greatest country on earth. And he led it right down the same path he led most of his businesses down.

Maybe we should file for Chapter 11 now?
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