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The Problem with the NFL Taking a Knee Protest

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Premise number one; the NFL is blocking the player's right to protest. Actually, the player's have the same rights to protest as anyone else and are free to march in any city at anytime. What the NFL has tried to restrict is what the player's do on "company time." What the player's fail to grasp is that they are actually employees. No different than the person who works for Chick-fil-A or Walmart. No other company would allow their employees to carry out a protest while at work, on company time, and while being paid and using company assets. Player's have claimed that the NFL is preventing them from using their platform to express themselves, but the fact is that platform is paid for by the teams and the NFL, not the players.

Premise number two; the flag is a symbol of oppression. Actually, the flag is a piece of cloth and is a symbol of one of the greatest democracies in the history of the world. If NFL players would wrap themselves in the flag and demand liberty and justice for ALL (which you could argue is what the flag stands for) they would likely attract far more supporters to their cause.

Premise number three; they say that as a person of color they are more likely to be killed by law enforcement. Actually, statistically they are more likely to be killed by another person of color. How many sports figures have been killed by police compared to those who have been killed in drive-by, gang/drug related, or being in the wrong place,wrong time with the wrong people shootings?

The primary issue is the one that everyone, including the NFL and the team owners seem to be missing and that is that when the players are on the field to play football they are employees and on the clock. This isn't a game it is a profession and they claim to be professionals so they should start acting like it. Otherwise, perhaps they should get real jobs and play football on the side then they can feel free to protest as much as they want.
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