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Red State

Red State Insurrection and Civil War

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No matter where you stood before today, whether you supported Joe Biden or Donald Trump, you now have a choice to make. To continue to support Trump now squarely defines you as a traitor to American democracy and aligns you with a fascist dictator who is attempting a coup to stay in power. He's supported and aided by 146 members of the House of Representatives and at least 13 United States Senators.

Leading the charge this afternoon was Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who was the target of blackmail by the President in March 2016, and who is now Trump's Goebbels who stated that nearly half of Americans, thirty-nine percent, think the election was stolen. Evidently, Princeton and Harvard have pretty slack criteria for being able to do math. Perhaps they should ask for Cruz's diploma back while the American Bar Association reacquaints him with their Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

While President-Elect Biden was on television appealing from calm and unity, Trump was on Twitter fanning the flames and throwing gasoline on the fire encouraging the protesters. If the Republican Party is going to show they really do still care about America, they have to move swiftly to impeach Trump for violating his oath of office. Donald Trump should stand trial for high crimes against the United States. Arrest him now!

Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!
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