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My Fellow Republicans

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If you long for the days when Reagan was President and Clint Eastwood had his own police force, then you are most likely a Reagan Republican like me.

The America that I remember under Ronald Reagan was one of rugged individualism, peace through strength, unity, and the idea that America should be the beacon of freedom and democracy, but above all hope to all people.

If you believe in the America envisioned by Ronald Reagan then your views are diametrically opposed to those of Donald Trump. Where Ronald Reagan stood up to dictators like Muammar Gaddafi, and refused to bow to totalitarian regimes, like China and Russia or North Korea, Trump embraces and praises them. At the same time, he publicly criticizes and belittles the elected leaders of our allies, further emboldening our enemies and helping them sow division. No American president ever gave North Korea the PR windfall that Donald Trump has. And for all the lovely words Trump has for his BFF Kim, North Korea has continued testing and improving its ballistic missiles unchallenged by the Trump administration. When it came to light that Russia was paying bounties for the killing of American and coalition forces in Afghanistan Trump did...nothing. After the killing of Iran's top general by an American drone strike in Iraq, Trump warned Iran of the severe consequences if they retailiated and when Iran struck back what did Trump do? Nothing. He's just the kindergarten bully. Full of hot air and when anyone actually stands up to him or punches him in the nose he goes crying about how unfair the world is to him.

Donald Trump is the single greatest threat to American democracy that exist at the moment. Nearly everything he says is an intentional and calculated lie. He follows the national socialist play book by telling a lie, make it big, repeat it often, and eventually they will believe It. He has spent almost four years moving people who are loyal to him personally, not the United States, not even the Republican Party, but to he alone. In fact, he demands and expects loyalty to him above all. He has subverted the Justice Department and with Barr he has had, thus far, a willing accomplice. Yet Barr now seems to be wavering. Perhaps there is some part of him which feels something is not quite right. Perhaps there is still some good in him and he can be turned back to the good side. Trump has made his displeasure with Barr's unwillingness to be the enforcer known. He's stated publicly that Barr can go down as one of the great AGs or just nobody. Barr does have a choice to make. He can choose to do Trump's bidding and go down in history along with other greats like Goebels and Speer, or he can take a stand on principle and put the needs of the world's greatest republic first. Unlike Trump, Barr seems to have some basic understanding that just saying something doesn't necessarily make it true. Trump keeps saying the DoJ has to investigate the Bidens because they are corrupt. He has not made any specific allegations - probably because the makers of his Magic-8 ball didn't think to write specific charges on the little die inside. Or maybe he can't decide which of the many voices inside his head he should listen to. So many voices, so hard to choose.

Right now we are in the middle of an election which I feel will decide the fate of the great experiment that was started over two centuries ago. The RNCC is running an attack ad against Gina Ortiz-Jones which I find particularly ironic as well as typical of the Trump era politics. The ad focuses on Jone's desire to divert "millions in military funding" for transgender reassignment surgeries for military members currently serving thereby threatening our national security. While I don't necessarily support her position, if diverting millions of dollars is such a grave threat why aren't they beating down Trump's door to stop him from diverting 3.6 BILLION for a wall? If millions taken from military funding is BAD, then taking BILLIONS has to be REALLY BAD. Right?

So let's talk CORONA virus. I know, ancient history. The US has rounded the corner and the pandemic is over because the virus has just disappeared like a miracle. Trump said so, it must be true. Really, has he ever lied to you? Well, if you're a thinking person with any ability for rational, independent, free thought then you know that yes, he has. More than once. Almost all the time. It's probable that he has never had it. Why else would the medical staff at Walter Reid have to sign NDAs? It would explain why the White House wouldn't say when his last negative test was (they couldn't say "This morning" after he tweeted he had it, could they). And if masks and all are so bad, he shouldn't allow anyone to attend one of his rallies wearing one. Really Donny, put your money where your big mouth is.

What about another lie? What happened to that "beautiful" and "perfect" plan to deal with this pandemic. Remember back in March, it was going to be unveiled. Then nothing. Then in July, again, the perfect, beautiful, Most bestest plan in the world was about to be revealed. Still, end of October and no one has seen a thing. Much like the perfect healthcare plan that was going to be put out in two weeks. Back in 2016, 2017, 2018, and throughout this year it's going to be out in the next two weeks. I hope in the next two weeks that's not the only thing that will be out.

What about the Obama campaign spying on his campaign (spoiler alert: they weren't)? How can I be sure? Well, first Obama had already served two terms and so there was NO Obama campaign. Second, Trump's own FBI and senate investigation found no evidence of anything improper. Fox news had been hyping this big bombshell report that was about to be released. And...? It was released and somehow Fox news didn't notice at all, or maybe just forgot about it with all the other things going on.

Oh hey, I don't want all you Q followers out there to feel left out. We know what a fan Trump is of Q. I hear he also like T, and R, and U, and..., well you get the picture. But Trump is supposed to be fighting this secret Democratic child Sex trafficking cabal. I find it ironic that the one person who is seen in photos of two, now notorious, child sex traffickers Is...wait for it...Donald Trump. Yes, doesn't he look handsome standing there with Epstein and Maxwell? I suspect Epstein was silenced on Trump's orders. To make sure Maxwell got the message she could be next, Trump sent her a coded message, "I wish her all the best." I'm sure he does. Of course bin Laden is alive. He's living off income from his pork futures somewhere down in Florida.

Just in case you don't buy my argument that Don is planning a much longer stay than two terms consider this, he has floated the idea of doing away with two-term limits more than a few times. He has essentially been building a private army of militias, white supremiscist and neo-nazis. He's stacking the courts with his appointees as well as positions in the FBI, CIA, and DoJ. While you can argue they aren't running things, if he fires the guys at the top everyone gets a promotion. America might want to take a look at the org charts one more time.

Look, three years of complete and utter bullshit is too much to document here. Seriously, if you're a real Republican like me then you have to believe that America is more important than one man. Loyalty is to country not one person. The best interest of this country should come first, not Trump, and not either party. When the President of the United States openly suggest using the US military against our own people that should raise some red flags. When the president calls on foreign adversaries to investigate his political rivals, or tries to use the weight of the US government to intimidate those would disagree with him, there should be some alarm bells. Where there's smoke, there's fire.Trump is out of control and must be stopped at the ballot box this November. Otherwise, the United States will become just another banana republic. One with a funky orange tan and bad comb-over.

P.S. Donny, I'm still waiting to read the transcript, you stupid, fat bastard. Calling a document a transcript does not, in fact, make it one. Especially when it says, "...this is not a transcript" at the bottom. Idiot.

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