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One of the first things Joe Biden needs to do, once he is in office, is the same thing that was done after the fall of Nazi Germany and the fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Purge the government of any and all Trump appointees and loyalist. Over the past few years, Trump has be consistently putting in place people who are loyal to him above party and country. The people he has put in place do not believe in the Constitution nor American Democracy. They only seek to further their own power and riches. Clear signs of this appeared when Trump floated the idea of using the US military against its own citizens during the protest against racial injustice. Esper, then SECDEF, had resisted the idea. For him that might have been a bridge too far and an indication he was backing the wrong horse. As a result, Trump removed him and installed a Trump loyalist in his place.

Still, there are too many in the military and other positions of power that are loyal to Trump and would follow his directions even if they were counter to laws, the Constitution, and common sense. In fact, this administration has waged war against truth and common sense since day one. From exaggerating the crowds at the inauguration, to Veteran's First (which he repeatedly claims he passed while it was an Obama era initiative), to voter fraud this president has lied and distorted the truth every single day of his presidency. The man who complained about Obama's golfing has himself spent nearly one year of his entire term on the links. While Obama spent time golfing on military and public courses, Trump golfs almost exclusively at his own resorts, funneling nearly one quarter of a billion dollars of tax payer funds into his own coffers. Remember when he said he would have the most open and transparent administration in history? Yet he's blocked every attempt to gain access to his tax records, school transcripts, government documents supporting policy decisions, the list goes on and on.

If you still believe Trump is about "America First" or "Make America Great Again" then his actions after the election should have thoroughly disproved that. He's taken steps to stop federal aid for small businesses that the Fed has said are critical to keep the economy moving during the pandemic thereby sabotaging the economic recovery before Biden takes office. He's surrendered in Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving only a handful of US forces which would be easily wiped out by any concerted effort by the Taliban or Iranian back Iraqi militias (remember he doesn't have any real respect for those losers anyway). He is trying to burn America down before he leaves office so that he and his Republican accomplices can claim that it is all a result of the Biden administration and their failed Democratic agenda. It has never been about America with Donald Trump. It has been about him and only him (as he admitted the night before the election) the entire time. He's never said 'We' or "America' in his speeches. I only say 'I' or 'Me.'

In the end, that is the only thing you need to know and remember about Donald Trump. America's worst president and total failure as a leader. A man whose lack of action and leadership resulted in the deaths of more Americans that all the terrorist attacks in US history.
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