Fake News

Fake News...

...I've Got Your Fake News Right Here, Don.

Donny, and later his stooge, Ted Cruz, have repeated the following false and misleading statements about Hunter Biden and Burisma. Now, I have no way of knowing if there is really any wrong doing here, but both Donny, Rudy, and Ted have offered only the following as any kind of indication; first, Hunter Biden has no background in oil of natural gas and is unqualified to be on a board for a natural gas company and second, Hunter Biden was paid $83K/month for his services (originally this was just $53K) which is ten times more than anyone on the board of Exxon Mobile is paid.

First, I pulled Exxon Mobil's 10k from the SEC. N.W. Duffin made $190,166.67 a month in cash compensation last year. Now, I don't know where Ted went to school, but 190,000 is not to the left of 83,000 on my number line and it's certainly not ten times less than 83,000. That's just math, let's not let basic algebra get in the way. So how about this statement:

And Hunter Biden — look, I’m from Houston. I know lots of people who serve on the board of natural gas companies. You know what they tend to have? They tend to have a background in geology and geophysics. They tend to know something about — about actually drilling for natural gas.

Hmm. Lets see...according to Exxon's corporate site here is the Board of Directors:

  • Susan K Avery - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (natural gas, geology, geophysics?)
  • Angela F. Braly - Brookfield Asset Management, Lowe's, and Proctor & Gamble (no natural gas here, Ted)
  • Ursula M. Burns - Veon, Nestle, and Xerox
  • Kenneth C. Frazier - Merck & Co
  • Steven A. Kandarian - AECOM and MetLife
  • Douglas R. Oberhelman - Catepillar, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Samuel J. Palmsiano - American Express
  • Steven S Reinemund - Walmart, Mariot, GS Acquisition Holdings Corp
  • William C. Weldon - CVS Caremark, JPMorgan Chase
  • Darren W. Woods - Exon Mobile

Out of ten members of the Board only one has actual ties to the oil and natural gas industry. Ted's batting 0 for 2. If I could put the contents of senator Cruz's brains in a paper bag, we could put it at Trump's doorstep, light it on fire, ring the bell and run away.