Any Responsible Adult

Regardless on where you stand on Donald Trump, if you are a rational, objective human being, you have to admit that he is the least honest politician in Washington. All politicians tend to over promise and under deliver. It is a combination we've grown accustomed to in our democracy. It has given credence to the phrase, "Say anything to get elected." In all the years of our country I am not aware of any instance of a president misrepresenting, misinterpreting, and outright lying about the facts. Take the impeachment "hoax" for example. By the way, a hoax by definition is not true and Trump was impeached (fact). He may not have liked it. It may have been totally partisan. Nonetheless, it happened and is a fact…not a hoax. Back to my point, Trump in his many misrepresentations of fact regarding his impeachment continue to insist that Rep. Schiff made up the phone call between Trump and Ukraine. Trump says that he rebased the "transcript" (another misrepresentation because the document released clearly states it is NOT a transcript) after Schiff's comments and that he embarrassed Schiff and the Democrats by doing so. Trump seems to either have a problem understanding the linearity of time, is lying, or is dement because Schiff's comments came the day after Trump released his so-called "transcript." In an amazing example of "make the lie big, repeat it often enough, and eventually they will believe it" (brought to you by the National Socialist Party and Joseph Goebels) Trump has pulled off the Jedi mind trick because now even the liberal press refers to it as a transcript (weak minded indeed).

As I see it the Democratic Party has
no viable candidates. Their infighting has given the Trump campaign enough ammunition that they hardly have to dig for anything to trash whoever becomes the party's presidential candidate. The candidates that seem to be the strongest are too far left to appeal to mainstream America. What they need is someone who is more moderate and who can be honest with the American people and say that while we would love to continue the rate of spending on social programs we can no longer afford it. Our debt is at 106.7% of GDP and there is no way to continue this rate of spending. At some point that bill is going to come due and have to be paid. We can either suck it up and deal with some austerity measures now that will hurt a little or we can ignore the problem until we end up with 1000% inflation and a situation like Germany in the 1930's or what some South American countries are facing today. Personally, I prefer a little pain now as to runaway inflation and economic collapse later.