Neil Peart Rest in Peace

I remember exactly where I was when I first heard the iconic stereo opening of Rush's 2112. My father had passed away earlier that year and I was just being allowed to listen to something other than AM radio pop music (Convoy and Afternoon Delight leap to mind). I was immediately hooked on Rush. In fact, 2112 was the first 8 track tape I owned. Not that I expect anyone out there who stumbles on this to know or remember what an 8 track tape looked like. I became a real Rush fan after Moving Pictures and Exit Stage Left. I can still listen to those albums over and over all day. I used to fall asleep with them and Boston on an old turntable in my bedroom. Then Signals came out my senior year in high school and I remember going to see that concert with my friend Pat.

Ironically, my best friend in school is named Tom Sawyer and we graduated from Samuel Clemens High School. So the song Tom Sawyer has another meaning for those of us in that group. So many significant events in my life are associated with Rush songs that when I hear one of those songs again today I'm instantly transported back in time to one of the best times in my life. Subdivisions really spoke to us as we were not in the popular crowd in school and we were definitely outcast; nerds, geeks, and Dungeons & Dragons players.

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Neil Peart. Rush was such an important part of our growing up and coming of age in a way that only music can be. The music and lyrics of so many songs summed up what we had gone through or were experiencing. That continued on well into our adult lives. So it was difficult the imagine that one of the icons of my youth had passed away, and it brought the finite reality of life back into my consciousness again. Death isn't something most people want to contemplate, but when your hero's and idols start passing on you realize that your time isn't really all that far off. So many things I would like to do again; do differently. Others that I would like to avoid doing at all.

I'll end with this; thank you for the music and for the memories. Rush enriched my life and made it better and I know they have touched many other lives the same way and so they have made their mark in this world and the ripples will touch many more lives for years to come.