The Crystal of Ebon Flame

Back in 1986 I started writing what I thought was going to be a short story about an adventure in the World of Greyhawk. Originally, it was based on a series of D&D sessions with friends. Over the years I’ve edited it and changed it. It has morphed so much that it bears precious little resemblance to the original premise. The main characters remain the same with only one addition.

My biggest impediment right now is how this will be received. Greyhawk is a creation of Gary Gygax, who also wrote several novels about the world as well as many of the gaming aids and a plethora of dungeon modules. Aside from the legal aspects I worry about fan reaction as well. Greyhawk has a very devoted fan base. I’d love to post what I have written here so far and receive feedback. I can handle negative comments and criticism. I just don’t like to disappoint anyone.

So if you are a fan of Greyhawk and AD&D and you think you may be interested in what I’ve done so far then keep an eye on this space.
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