About Me

I put 100% effort into everything I do. I believe my work is a reflection of me and my values, so I try as hard as possible to make sure it is as close to perfect as humanly possible.

Over 40 years of IT experience.

Programming, mainframe/micro-operations, security, network, DB admin, and system administration. Certified Project Management Professional.

System Administration

Familiar with AT&T Sys V, Solaris, HP/UX, macOS, and Windows operating systems

Microsft SQL Server

Supported Oracle and MS SQL server environments. Familiar with SQL.

Network and Computer Programming

Familiar with modern computer networking standards. Programming languages such as FORTRAN, R, C#, Python, Java, Pascal, and Unix shell scripting.

Aspiring Podcaster

A Podcast in the future?

I used to have a podcast on iTunes back when I was the Apple Ambassador for the Kaiserslautern Mac User Group. Now I'm thinking of starting another one based on what is happening in the world socially and politically.

Aspiring Author

I love and enjoy writing.

Since 1986, I have dreamt about writing and publishing a book. I have written software installation and support manuals for the US Air Force and NATO. At the moment I have two, simultaneous projects in the works.


Since the 1980s I have played AD&D with a small group of friends. I have been working on a book based on those adventures for the past thirty years. Now that I have retired, I'm getting closer to finally finishing it.


Current political events in America, and now spreading to other countries around the world, have put the idea of writing a book about the rise of nationalism and the threat that autocratic leaders like Putin and Trump pose to the future of humanity.

SC-Wegberg Radsport Abteilung

I'm proud to ride now with a local club of like-minded but younger cyclists.

  • Get fitter and healthier
  • Experience Germany like never before
  • Make new friends

I support the following outstanding companies

These firms have a long history of supporting the cycling community. They provide superior cycling products, services, and support to cyclists at all levels.


You won't find me on Facebook or Twitter as I do not support those platforms.

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