Witch Queen of Perrenland

Kirk and Aaron were just two travelers hoping to find adventure in Greyhawk’s most notorious drinking establishment. Little could they have known that adventure would find them just a few feet from the Green Dragon. Joined by the mysterious and tight-lipped merchant Rarsirrien, a female thief, and a disgraced Paladin, they become caught up in a plot to thwart the infamous and evil Iggwilv from obtaining the secret to immortality. To do so, they must breach the magically protected borders of the secretive Valley of the Mage. If they succeed, they will have to find Iggwilv’s agents while avoiding detection by the most powerful spell caster on the continent. Discovery will mean capture and death, and failure will mean the loss of countless lives to Iggwilv’s cruel experiments. But in the Valley of the Mage, not everything, nor everyone, is as it appears. Along the way, our heroes will have to confront the demons of their past and a few in the present. If they succeed, their reward will be freedom, fame, and the riches that come from it.

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Chapter 3

As she walked down the long corridor, she stopped in front of a large, polished silver mirror and studied her reflection. Her hair was now jet black instead of the blonde of her youth. Her skin was paler now as well, but she had few wrinkles for a woman of her advanced years. She turned to her profile. Her slim figure was firm in all the right places. ...

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Chapter 2

Rarsirrien looked the pair over, and Kirk and Aaron cautiously lowered their swords. “We need to have a chat. However, this isn’t a conversation that should be had in an alley. Come.” He walked past them and headed back towards Cargo Street. Aaron and Kirk looked at each other. Finally, Kirk broke the silence.

“You heard the man. Follow him.” ...

The Green Dragon Inn
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Chapter 1

Aaron glanced around the crowded room, trying to see through the smoke to the bar where Kirk was supposed to be getting their drinks. They had been trying to get into the Green Dragon for several days and had finally managed. The Dragon had a reputation for being a source of information and gossip for adventurers and, as a result, was immensely popular. ...


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