I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right.

pathological liar noun
Medical Definition of pathological liar : a person who lies compulsively usually for no external gain or benefit and often with detrimental consequences — see also Trump

Bye, Bye Baby Bye, Bye

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This is my last week with my beloved Beetle. I’ve owned two cars in my lifetime that I really loved and I had to give up both of them. I wanted one of these Beetles for so long and I finally got one that was just the way I wanted. I really hate having to sell her, but I guess I am having to do it at the right time. I’m getting a really good price for it. She only has 7,300 miles and I bought her for my birthday in 2019.

I’m missing so many things right now. I worked so hard and now have had to give it all up.

The Rise of Nationalism in America

I’m thinking to put the fiction writing on hold once I am done with this semester and write about the danger America is facing with the rise of nationalism. There are a number of lessons to draw on from history. The last century provides quite a few for those who care to remember it.

The problem with Americans is that they have a memory span of about twenty-five seconds. That is one of the reasons people here fail to comprehend what is happening in other parts of the world, other cultures remember events that happened centuries ago - and they don’t forget (or forgive) so quickly,

My All Time Favorite Speaker

'Nough Said



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9-17-2021 - For my birthday, 2019, I bought myself my first new car. One that was what I wanted, not what I needed or what was practical. Something just for me, and today I had to part with it. I’m very sad to have sold it. Just one more thing in my life that I loved that I had to let go.

8-28-2021 - Remembering what I hated about apartment living, especially if you happen to live below a herd of elephants doing Zoomba. Saw my application for graduation was approved so now I just have to pass everything this semester with at least a C and I’m good.

8-23-2021 - Just submitted my application for graduation. It only took thirty-eight years.

8-22-2021 - Tomorrow is first day of classes. Glad that I decided to move to San Marcos rather than commute since they will be shutting the highway down each day again. The flip side is now I remember why I don’t like apartment living, especially with someone above me who must weigh 700 pounds and has a case of the dropsies.

8-10-2021 - Moved into the apartment this past Monday. Just getting things ready for my final semester. Took forever.

7-27-2021 - The nice thing about 🚴‍♂️ is that while I am out there by myself I can tell you all the things I will never get a chance to tell you in real life. In a few months, it will be a final goodbye and you will never have to worry about running into me somewhere. I will be on another continent and out of your life forever.
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