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pathological liar noun
Medical Definition of pathological liar : a person who lies compulsively usually for no external gain or benefit and often with detrimental consequences — see also Trump

There She Goes - The Outfield

I remember the past,
Just like it was yesterday,
Dreams are all that I have,
And nothing mattered anyway.

Cause' I looked out my window (cause' I looked out there),
I see you walk by (I see you walkin')

Oh oh there she goes again (there she goes),
Oh oh there she goes again,
Never know (never know),
Where she goes (where she goes).

'Nough Said

Never In My Life

Never in my life would I have thought that an American president would have called for the use of the US military against its own citizens. Even more implausible to me would have been the lack of outcry against such a statement. Yet here we are. We have a president who has called for the use of military force against the nation’s citizens engaged in a lawful demonstration against a perceived wrong. The very acts which led to the founding of this great nation and Donald Trump wants to take on the role of King George and use the country’s military to stop it.

Where is the public outrage? Have this president’s actions over the past three years become so outrageous that we have become so desensitized to his outlandish behavior? After his impeachment, Mitch McConnel and Lindsey Graham both insisted that the president had learned a lesson. Indeed, the lesson he learned is that no one will challenge his unlawful and unconstitutional actions. Now he is seeking to undermine public confidence in the electoral process and openly stating that he doesn’t believe he should be limited to two-terms. The ridiculous claim that he deserves a “do over” for the first term because Obama spied on his campaign is ludicrous. How old is he, five? Besides the fact that he wasn’t spied on by the “Obama campaign,” namely because there was no Obama campaign since Obama wasn’t running; this also isn’t Chutes and ladders.

Most concerning is the use in Russian state media of the term “asset” to describe president Trump. Whether Trump may actually working for Putin or some other aspect of the Russian Intelligence apparatus, it’s clear that they at least consider him a Russian asset. And so far from his actions and statements (or lack thereof) there does seem to be some credible evidence of that.

A 1972 Message Still Important Today



10-25-2020 - Trump likes to say he’s bringing our troops home. In the military, we have a word for that. Surrender.

10-20-2020 - Saw today that Tony Lewis from The Outfield passed away. All the music from my childhood is going away. It feels like the dreams are going with them.

10-5-2020 - Cuts have almost all healed up, but bike still isn’t out of the shop. Looks like at least another week, maybe two before I am back out on the road again.

10-1-2020 - Wish it was the 4th of July, walking along the beach at Canyon Lake, listening to Chicago 17, holding your hand.

9-26-2020 - Bad crash this morning on the bike. Good that I was wearing a helmet, but sad that it didn’t survive,. It performed its function well. When my head hit the pavement I heard the helmet crack. Won’t be able to lay on my right side for a while and not pretty to look at (not that I ever was).

9-11-2020 - Saw this quote in the news from someone when asked why they won’t wear a mask. I think I know her. " I'm not afraid. The good Lord takes care of me. If I die, I die! We gotta get this country moving. What are we gonna do? Wear masks and stay inside for another year? Where will that get us? Let's just mail out more checks to everybody and let the country go bankrupt."

9-10-2020 - Okay Texas State, you win. This pace and course load is nuts.

9-3-2020 - Two weeks down and I’m overwhelmed. I’m not seeing the value in this. The American education system isn’t hardcore broke, but it has a lot of room for improvement.
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