I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right.

pathological liar noun
Medical Definition of pathological liar : a person who lies compulsively usually for no external gain or benefit and often with detrimental consequences — see also Trump

For Lisa R..- the one I probably should have proposed to - I’ve definitely driven some old roads when Chicago1 7 or John Waite is on the radio. Missing you.

I don’t know if you still check my page or not, but everything is done. This is goodbye. You will always be the love of my life, too bad I wasn’t the love of yours.

TRUMP Re-Elected 2024 America burns...


If Trump wins in 2024 he will not make the mistakes he made in 2020. First, he will make sure that everyone in DOJ is absolutely loyal to him personally. Next, he will begin purging military leadership of anyone he doesn’t believe supports him. Then Senator Hawley, you will see the real weaponizing of government against political rivals and anyone else who disagrees with the supreme leader, the sole arbiter of the truth, Donald Trump.
If Trump loses, he will claim there was massive fraud and that 500 million Americans were disenfranchised (yes, I know there are only about 235 million Americans, but facts never get in Trump’s way). He will incite a civil war, and America’s enemies will seize the opportunity to expand their spheres of influence. It’s unlikely our former allies will help us, most already wary of how fickle America has been in its loyalty to them.
The end result will be the end of the democracy we knew as the United States. It will probably resemble post war Germany. Cities burned, critical infrastructure destroyed, and none of our former allies are going to want, or even be able, to help us rebuild. North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan will all delight in our destruction and ruin. They will see it as payback for what America had, in their view, done to so many other nations.
All of this is what Trump’s supporters want. It is the fulfillment of Khrushchev’s prophecy, that they would destroy America without having to fire a shot.
There is still time to avoid the destruction of one of the greatest nations the world has known, but that time is fast running out. The few loyal Republicans like Liz Cheney need to continue to speak out and be supported and encouraged. Donald Trump, and his enablers, need to be held accountable and brought to justice and the truth of January 6 laid bare for all the world to see. And Ashli Babbit was no hero, she was a traitor who betrayed her oath to the constitution and the nation and instead swore fealty to one man. What happened to her was tragic. She should have been arrested and tried in a military court for treason. If Mike Pence had had any balls, he would have had Trump arrested on January 6, but he has already forgotten that his partner set an angry mob to kill him because he refused to do Trump’s will. Trump doesn’t care about America, only Trump. He proved that after his election loss when he locked himself in his room and pouted and failed to discharge his duties. He left America to burn and its people to die from a pandemic he claimed was a left wing hoax.
If he gets back in office, you can bet that spoiled rich kid’s retribution will be swift and terrible. He supported the murder of Democrats before, but with our infrastructure fast declining he probably won’t be able to use boxcars to take them to camps. He’ll just let people like Governor Abbot deputize private citizens (after they pass a loyalty test) to go out and murder them and then take what ever property and possessions they want. I would say God help us, but there is no God so unless we fix this ourselves we are all screwed.

Avoid Hill Country Apartments

Of all the places I have lived, Hill Country Apartments San Marcos is the absolute worst. I’ve even been deployed to places nicer than this. The biggest problem is the people who live here have no respect or consideration for anyone or anything. I have the family of dancing Mexican bears upstairs, and all around me are barking dogs. To top it all off, the area outside my windows and patio is dog poop alley, so you can imagine with central Texas humidity and heat how that might smell. For a good number of residents, they are lucky the parking lot is private property, otherwise there are about ten cars just around my building alone that would be cited for expired registrations (one expired in 1/2019). On the other hand, if you are a complete douche, then this should be at the top of your list.

Bye, Bye Baby Bye, Bye

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This is my last week with my beloved Beetle. I’ve owned two cars in my lifetime that I really loved and I had to give up both of them. I wanted one of these Beetles for so long and I finally got one that was just the way I wanted. I really hate having to sell her, but I guess I am having to do it at the right time. I’m getting a really good price for it. She only has 7,300 miles and I bought her for my birthday in 2019.

I’m missing so many things right now. I worked so hard and now have had to give it all up.

My All Time Favorite Speaker

'Nough Said



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10-10-2021 - It’s true. Too stupid to understand science, try religion. One book is much easier to read than a bunch of hard ones.

10-8-2021 - This country is seriously screwed.

10-5-2021 - Alone again.
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