I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m correct.

pathological liar noun
Medical Definition of a pathological liar : a person who lies compulsively, usually for no external gain or benefit and often with detrimental consequences — see also Trump

Dictionary Update:
“Moscow Willie” no longer refers to Bill Clinton. Instead, it now refers to Donald Trump’s penis.

Given Up On Local Bike Shops [u]

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Last year I bought a Canyon Ultimate CF SL 7 with SRAM AXS eTap drive train. I opted for this version over the pricier Di2 version for several reasons. First, I’m not happy that Shimano has been blocking Hammerhead from being able to support Di2 after being purchased by SRAM. Second, the Di2 version had DT Swiss ARC 1600 wheels which added €1000 to the price. Those wheels are about €1,600 without disc rotors or cassette, so the price difference is justified. I wanted a set of slimmer wheels for riding in the winter, so it worked out.

I figured I would buy a set of DT Swiss wheels for this bike to have a spare set. I also wanted a 10-36T cassette for riding in the mountains instead of taking the stock 10-30T. I started visiting and emailing various bike shops in the area (in a 200km range). So far, I have not heard back from any of them. Not one. I guess local bike shops here don’t need my business or money.

I ordered the wheels from a firm in France, along with the SRAM Paceline disc rotors. I have the cassette from a bike shop in Austria which arrived four days after I ordered it. I have all the ParkTools I need, purchased from a bike shop in London, UK.

From now on, it looks like I’m on my own, which is fine. Being able to maintain my own bikes is a skill I should have. I had always tried to support local bike shops rather than buy on Amazon, but it looks like they are just fine without me.

[u] I heard back from Mehls Bike Shop in Rheindahlen yesterday. The owner apologized for overlooking my email and asked if I still was interested in having the wheels built. I told him I had already ordered all the parts and would build them myself. He kindly offered assistance if I had any problems or questions.

McCarthy Sold His Soul

If he ever actually had one.

In a stunning display of selfish desires above party and country, Kevin McCarthy refused to back down until he got his way. He wanted to be the speaker so bad he probably would have sold out America to Putin if he could have made it happen for him. He may have done that anyway because it took the KGB’s puppet, Donald Trump (RINO), to call the few Republican holdouts and convince them to vote for McCarthy.

I don’t know what all McCarthy comprised on; probably everything. One thing is for sure, he owes Trump, and you can bet Trump won’t let him (or anyone) forget it. In McCarthy’s victory, there is one sure loser. The United States of America.

New Year, New Projects

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The start of another year. Let’s see if I can accomplish at least one thing on my list this time. My number one goal is to drop more weight. I did okay for 2022, but I only lost about half of what I wanted. Of course, being sick for part of the year wasn’t in the plans or surgery.

The book will have to be put on hold as I need to focus on the B1 certificate in German. I also want to get back up to speed on the current PMBOK guide and refresh my SQL skills and Python and R.

The biggest thing is to get more biking in. With my luck, I will find a job and not have the time. The flip side will be that at least I will have more money.

Let us all hope that the idiots running several countries with large militaries don’t do anything foolish. The thing is, I always bet on stupid. So far, I haven’t been disappointed.
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1-29-2023 - I used to feel like this about you. Now I feel like this.

1-27-2023 - Today marks the first time in five years I have been ahead of pace on Strava.

1-26-2023 - Yay! My wheels have finally shipped.

1-25-2023 - I saw Kevin McCarty talking about integrity. If it weren’t for autocorrect, I doubt he could spell ‘integrity.’

1-24-2023 - Training for the training camp. Labs tomorrow and more doctor visits. I’m tired, and there’s no point.

1-23-2023 - There is still one promise I haven’t broken. I don’t think I could even if I wanted to.

1-18-2023 - Looking for work.

1-13-2023 - It’s Friday the 13th. As someone with thirteen letters in their last name, I felt I had to write something.

1-10-2023 - Have any of you MAGA idiots ever considered the possibility that Q could be a foreign intelligence agency trying to get you to destroy America from the inside?

1-6-2023 - Two years ago today, a sitting US president, Donald Trump (RINO), tried to overthrow the US government and seize power. Two years later, the Republican Party is still totally F’d up.

1-4-2023 - Hitting the trainer hard to prepare for Bodensee in April.

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