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New Canyon Ultimate

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After a few weeks of waiting, I finally received a new Canyon Ultimate. Just in time for winter riding.

I opted for the SRAM eTap version over the Di2 for several reasons. First, I’m still protesting Shimano’s decision to withhold permission from Hammerhead to use their APIs with the Karoo 2 head unit to interface with the Di2 system. Second, it was almost a thousand euros cheaper. I suspect that is because the wheelset differs from the Shimano option. These wheels are not as deep, which I prefer in winter when it tends to be a little gustier around here.

I also prefer the color scheme. Most of my bikes are black, and I wanted something different. Canyon calls this one Snow/Black, which seems appropriate for a winter bike. This will also become the spring training bike next year when we are down on Lake Constance for a week of training.

One More Thing...

As this year comes to a close, my calendar has started to fill up. More with social events from other people than my own. I’m still hopeful that I may get the chance to at least update the website a bit. I also have some edits to the book that I have not posted. Every time I read over it, I find something else. I no longer have time to work on it as I have been instructed to find employment. I’m unsure what kind of work I will find, but I found several interesting postings.

The other part of the time, I will be working on refreshing my programming skills. That means delving back into R, Python, and some SQL before I forget too much. Fortunately, I still enjoy all of those. The last thing I am working on is continuing to lose weight. Since the weather has turned cold and wet, I have the trainer set up in the basement, and I will be up at 0530 and doing some virtual rides. If we get a couple of warmer days, I may try and get out and ride 50 km around Wegberg.

Have a happy holiday, everyone.
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11-26-2022 - Cancer. I am not going through that again.

11-23-2022 - Dictionary update, “Moscow Willie” no longer refers to Bill Clinton. Instead, it now refers to Donald Trump’s penis.

11-20-2022 - Today is the anniversary of my death. Temps here have finally dropped into the 30s, and of course, that is when the heating decides to go out. I keep hearing about the superiority of German houses compared with American, but they can’t seem to manage a reliable heating system.

11-7-2022 - There is so much to do and so little time to do it. I’m dreading tomorrow and how the vote will turn out.

10-29-2022 - I’m not well. I’ve been putting things in order and feeling down because there was so much more I thought I would finish.

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