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pathological liar noun
Medical Definition of pathological liar : a person who lies compulsively usually for no external gain or benefit and often with detrimental consequences — see also Trump

If You're a Christian and Voted Trump

You Voted Against Everything You Believe In

Reporter: President Trump, what do you think of this person in the news lately, Jesus Christ?

Trump: Total loser.

Reporter: But he has a huge following…

Trump: Of socialist who want everything free and want to radicalize this country. He surrounds himself with losers. Look, he started with twelve unemployed losers…

Reporter: Actually they were fishermen…

Trump: Not very good ones. Look, my crowds are much larger than his. . I have the biggest rallies in the history of the world. Bigger than Nuremberg. My crowds don’t come looking for hand-outs. Look, I have the bestest britiest people. Who does he got? Losers, slackers, anarchist, sick people, criminals. What’s he offering? Look, I’m putting people back to work. Work will set you free.
People are going to have great pride in America. I’m making America great. People say there is a problem with greed, but I’m making people rich and they are making more work for everyone. The stock market is doing better than anytime in the history of the world. People who disagree with that are un-American and traitors and will feel the full wrath of my people, our people, well my people. We are going to be the envy of the world.

Reporter: Aren’t those some of the Bible’s seven deadly sins?

Trump: That’s an ugly question. You’re an ugly person, and that’s an ugly question, but I’ll answer it anyway because I’m above that. But you’re an ugly person and that’s an ugly question. But the answer, not in my Bible. I’ve read my Bible and it’s not in there. Total fake news.

This president has lied non-stop, literally every day since his inauguration (remember, biggest crowd in history).He has even lied about lying. America is apparently okay with this. In fact, I’ve learned that pursuing my degree is a waste of my time and money. Either I’m already smarter than at least 49% of this nation, or everything they have taught me in the business college is wrong. Or both.

I devoted twenty-six years of my life, my health, in defense of this nation, only to watch one man’s reality show tear it down in less than four. What the Soviet Union couldn’t do in seventy years of Cold War, Trump has accomplished in less than three. He has achieved almost all the stated goals former Russian KGB officer Anatoliy Golitsyn outlined in his book New Lies For Old. We are now a nation divided against itself. The Trump administration has alienated our NATO allies and fractured the alliance. He openly embraces China, Russia, and North Korea. We’ve surrendered in the Middle East and Afghanistan turning it back over to the Taliban and to Russian back governments like Syria and Iran. We turned our back (again) on Arabs who supported us ensuring that we will never, ever be trusted by anyone in the region again. It would take several centuries of consistent policy in the region to convince any Arab state the US would honor its word.

That is another problem. We can not be trusted to keep our promises. This undermines a central tenet and requirement to forge international treaties, cooperation, and trust. Trust is the foundation for any cooperative effort and US foreign policy is now if it’s not beneficial for Trump then America can’t be counted on.

'Nough Said

Never In My Life

Never in my life would I have thought that an American president would have called for the use of the US military against its own citizens. Even more implausible to me would have been the lack of outcry against such a statement. Yet here we are. We have a president who has called for the use of military force against the nation’s citizens engaged in a lawful demonstration against a perceived wrong. The very acts which led to the founding of this great nation and Donald Trump wants to take on the role of King George and use the country’s military to stop it.

Where is the public outrage? Have this president’s actions over the past three years become so outrageous that we have become so desensitized to his outlandish behavior? After his impeachment, Mitch McConnel and Lindsey Graham both insisted that the president had learned a lesson. Indeed, the lesson he learned is that no one will challenge his unlawful and unconstitutional actions. Now he is seeking to undermine public confidence in the electoral process and openly stating that he doesn’t believe he should be limited to two-terms. The ridiculous claim that he deserves a “do over” for the first term because Obama spied on his campaign is ludicrous. How old is he, five? Besides the fact that he wasn’t spied on by the “Obama campaign,” namely because there was no Obama campaign since Obama wasn’t running; this also isn’t Chutes and ladders.

Most concerning is the use in Russian state media of the term “asset” to describe president Trump. Whether Trump may actually working for Putin or some other aspect of the Russian Intelligence apparatus, it’s clear that they at least consider him a Russian asset. And so far from his actions and statements (or lack thereof) there does seem to be some credible evidence of that.



11-26-2020 = I’m thankful I didn’t marry her. Also, I’m fine with the Supreme Court ruling. By all means go to church. Spread the virus among yourselves. Hurry up and die off and decrease the surplus population. Fewer fascist loving, anti-democracy people around in four years to try and re-elect that fascist-wannabe-dictator Trump. The universe’s penalty for infinite stupidity is death.

11-23-2020 - Happy birthday to my best friend. I hope you make the very most of the time you have left.

11-19-2020 - I’ve never been so ashamed to be a Republican as I am right now. The party is not Trump. Grow a pair, stand-up to the wanna-be fascist dictator, and do what’s best for the country. If you can’t, then get out of the way and make room for those of us who can.

11-13-2020 - After the past week, here is hoping that today really is my lucky day. I need break after the way 2020 has been.

11-7-2020 - Agile PM Project site is here

11-6-2020 - You can now use https:// to connect to this site securely.

11-4-2020 - While it clearly isn’t official, I don’t really see a way that Biden can win this election. I will be putting the house on the market after the holidays and moving back to Germany. Ironic, since we came to escape one fascist dictator and now I have to return for the same reason.

10-25-2020 - Trump likes to say he’s bringing our troops home. In the military, we have a word for that. Surrender.

10-20-2020 - Saw today that Tony Lewis from The Outfield passed away. All the music from my childhood is going away. It feels like the dreams are going with them.

10-5-2020 - Cuts have almost all healed up, but bike still isn’t out of the shop. Looks like at least another week, maybe two before I am back out on the road again.

10-1-2020 - Wish it was the 4th of July, walking along the beach at Canyon Lake, listening to Chicago 17, holding your hand.

9-26-2020 - Bad crash this morning on the bike. Good that I was wearing a helmet, but sad that it didn’t survive,. It performed its function well. When my head hit the pavement I heard the helmet crack. Won’t be able to lay on my right side for a while and not pretty to look at (not that I ever was).

9-10-2020 - Okay Texas State, you win. This pace and course load is nuts.

9-3-2020 - Two weeks down and I’m overwhelmed. I’m not seeing the value in this. The American education system isn’t hardcore broke, but it has a lot of room for improvement.
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