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On the Road Again...

Had a great ride this morning. Managed to get in about 28 miles before having to be back to start on housework.I had originally planned to ride out Santa Clara Road to Zeuhl, then back to Cibolo, but the road was closed and the detour was less than optimal for my road bike.Maybe I need to buy an aluminum frame for some of these types of rides, but I don’t think I will run into a lot of chip seal once I am back in Germany.

On top of it all I had a great playlist running this morning. I had put it together for Agnieszka, my friend in Scotland, but haven’t been able to get it to her. On this morning’s ride I put it on shuffle (it’s 232 songs, 16 hours, 48 minutes of music) and started out. Bryan Adams, Ozzy, Lita Ford, Vixen, Scandal, Chicago, The Outfield, Night Ranger, Toto, The Eagles, Bad English, Blue Oyster Cult, Boston, the Cars, and of course the Boss, Bruce Springsteen.

While I was out riding, Agawa was riding as well so we were sending pictures of the landscapes back and forth. Unfortunately the fields of Marion and Cibolo don’t really compete with the Scottish coast. Looking forward to getting back to Europe and biking. I wish I had been more into it when I was there.

So two weeks left of summer break, then back to what is looking like my last semester. Hoping to move next summer.

A 1972 Message Still Important Today



8-7-2020 - Well another three hours done. Managed to get out of that with an A so I’m happy. Not sure how the next semester will go.

8-5-2020 - So sorry to hear about the riders hurt during today’s finish of stage 1 of the tour of Poland.

8-2-2020 - Finals this week, then done until the Fall semester starts. Only a few things left to do on the house and then all the big stuff that needs to be done before listing will be finished.

7-26-2020 - I remember when Pat Kuhns introduced me to Nielson, loaning me the album “son of Schmielson.” Still a classic song.

7-25-2020 - Sitting here hoping fro more rain while trying to study for my next Enterprise IT & Business Intel exam on Monday.

7-19-2020 - Looks like I’ll have to put off finishing school once again. farewell.

7-14-2020 - Hot out today. Isn’t today Bastille Day? The day the French killed off all their educated people.

7-10-2020 - Enjoyed listening to some Tommy Shaw while out on the ride this morning.

7-4-2020 - Happy Independence Day. Can I still say that?

6-26-2020 - Coming up on my last week of summer break. At least the weather looks like it will be good for getting those last few rides in before I have to spend all day in the books.
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