I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right.

pathological liar noun
Medical Definition of pathological liar : a person who lies compulsively usually for no external gain or benefit and often with detrimental consequences — see also Trump

Passing of a Friend

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I was greatly saddened this morning to learn of the passing of one of my former teammates, Roger Heard, on 23 October. I didn't realize, until I read his obituary, that Roger and I had joined the AF Cycling Team the same year.

Roger was a great teammate. He was friendly and helpful to everyone and he was passionate about cycling. He was the only member of the team who really made me feel welcomed. I didn't have many chances to ride with him but I often passed him as he was starting out on his ride as I was finishing mine. I think 5 am was a bit too early for Roger, and his 60+ mile rides were a bit too long for me.

I'm certain that Roger will be greatly missed. Not just by his family but by all those who knew him. The cycling community is diminished by Roger's passing. I know it will take some time before I stop looking for him on Cibolo Valley or the New Berlin routes.

Our thoughts are with his wife and family.

Graduation 2021
Computer Information Systems

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In the Fall of 1983, I started attending then Southwest Texas State University as a Computer Science Major with a Minor in Mathematics. I enjoyed the programming courses Pascal and Fortran, and to a lesser extent Assembly Language for the PDP-11. However, my my Computer Architecture and Design class made it clear to me that I had no interest whatsoever in how the electrons moved or what type of chip was installed, I just wanted to code. So CS was out for me. Then, as sometimes happens, I got involved with a girl and decided to focus on a life with her. While she may have been the love of my life, I was clearly not the love of hers. So, a few years later, and a another semester at SWT as a Communications major, I finally ended dropping out for good.

After I joined the Air Force, I was only one management class away from an Associates degree so I took that class at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu and got my CCAF degree. Over the next twenty-six years of my Air Force career I took classes through the University of Maryland hoping to finally finish my BS in Computer Information Systems. Unfortunately, I hit a point where the final classes I needed were only available in classroom and the closest was almost two hundred miles away in Waco, Texas. So I went back to Texas State, which may have been a mistake.

I loved my time at Southwest and I have fond memories of the college, even though I was not the ideal student and wasn't focused then. While Texas State initially said they would accept my courses from Maryland as long as I submitted the course substitution request, they rejected every single one. Effectively they turned my remaining year of study into three. Still, here I am just three weeks away from finally finishing what I started in 1983. I'm not really sure how I feel about it. I actually don't really have time to dwell on it right now with so many other projects coming due. I'm sure it will hit me once that last final exam is over.

I've met some nice young people, and some real idiots who should probably consider other careers (lawn maintenance springs to mind for several of them). The problem is, most of my peers are professors and lecturers. I'm older than most of my fellow students' parents. Anyway, it feels good to have the end in sight.

Bye, Bye Baby Bye, Bye

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This is my last week with my beloved Beetle. I’ve owned two cars in my lifetime that I really loved and I had to give up both of them. I wanted one of these Beetles for so long and I finally got one that was just the way I wanted. I really hate having to sell her, but I guess I am having to do it at the right time. I’m getting a really good price for it. She only has 7,300 miles and I bought her for my birthday in 2019.

I’m missing so many things right now. I worked so hard and now have had to give it all up.

My All Time Favorite Speaker

'Nough Said



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1-18-2022 - Fenders for the Grail arrived yesterday. I plan on installing them this morning. Just want them on for the winter to try and minimize the amount of mud and muck being sprayed up the backside of my kit.

1-11-2022 - I'm still adjusting to the change in the climate. Mostly taking walks, but once things dry out and the temp comes up a few degrees I will get back on the bike. Debating setting up the trainer in the living room.

1-9-2022 - Managed a ride on the Grail the afternoon I picked it up. We made a few other short rides on the Hollandrad to get groceries and a few other things.

1-5-2022 - Both bikes at the bike shop here in Wegberg are being assembled and checked out. With some luck, maybe I will get a day or two of nice weather where I can get out and ride.

12-20-2021 - Final few days here in San Antonio. Enjoying the time with my sister.

12-16-2021 - 1. Not everything is about you. 2. I'm going to Germany because there is nothing left for me here. 3. We will no longer be anything. Ever.

12-7-2021 - New graduate of the McCoy Business College

12-4-2021 - Three classes finished. Just two final exams and one group project to turn in and I'm done.

11-29-2021 - This time next week (6 PM), I will finally be done with my degree.

11-27-2021 - Finishing up the last few assignments. Once those are done and finals behind me I can finally get the heck out of here.

11-8-2021 - I wish I could have some nice, quiet, considerate upstairs neighbors. Instead, I'm stuck with annoying, inconsiderate trash for neighbors. Just a few more weeks and then I can be rid of them.

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