It’s sad to have to shut down my site, but basic web hosting from NetSol has gotten too expensive. Maybe one day, if I become rich and famous, I will create another.

"It was all a lie."

"In the nearly three years since January 6, 2021, no genuine evidence has come out that could substantiate Trump’s stolen-election claims." (p287) Cheney, L. (2023). Oath And Honor A Memoir and a Warning. Little Brown and Company.

It was a good run.

After all these years Network Solutions raised the price of basic UNIX hosting to almost $500. I'm not paying that. So on my plan's expiration date, this site will no longer exist.

IT-Related Stuff

I started programming in 1979, and I've worked with IT for over forty years. I have experience in various fields, from mainframe computers, minicomputers, UNIX System Administration, Oracle database administration, COMSEC, Information Assurance, Solaris System Administration, Network Security, and Program and Project Management.


I'm working part-time at the Giant-Wegberg bike shop as a mechanic. I've biked in Europe since 2002. In 2015 I joined the Air Force Cycling Team and rode with them until my retirement in 2018. I currently ride with my local German radsport club, SC-Wegberg. I'm training and planning to ride the Scottish North Coast 500 in 2024.


You won't find me on Facebook or Twitter as I do not support those platforms.

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