I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right.

pathological liar noun
Medical Definition of pathological liar : a person who lies compulsively usually for no external gain or benefit and often with detrimental consequences — see also Trump

The Need For A Mac Semi-Pro

I’m hoping that Apple will release a Mac available in a chassis similar to the current Mac Pro, but maybe with some scaled down specs and limited expandability. The iMac doesn’t work for me. I don’t need a built-in screen when I have multiple 4K and 5K monitors. The MacBook Pro just takes up space on the desk in clamshell mode, and is a little under powered for what I’d like and limited in memory capacity. The Mac mini has even greater memory limitations. I need about 5x more RAM than is supported by that thing.

I find myself hoping that Apple will make another announcement here before summer. It’s hard to justify almost $10K on a tower.

About Once a Decade

My All Time Favorite Speaker

For Sale - Schertz, TX

$230,000 - 1,800 sq ft, 3 Bdr, 2 Bth, 2 Car Garage


'Nough Said



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4-11-2021 - 34

4-7-2021 - If I hear one more ReTrumplican complain about “cancel culture” my head is going to explode. Do they not realize the astronomical level of hypocrisy in complaining about cancel culture while supporting an idiot who one, trademarked the phrase “you’re fired,” and two, fires anyone who disagrees with or contradicts him?

4-1-2021 - Registered for my final semesters. If I don’t blow it I will graduate in December. Finally.

3-22-2021 - Happy Birthday, Captain Kirk. William Shatner turns 90 today.

3-11-2021 - I just interviewed for an IGI position at Ramstein. The Wing and the mission sound very interesting. It would be a challenging and awesome position, one that I think fits my talents and skills well.

2-20-2021 - Made it through the snow and ice with no broken pipes. Final semester in school since I am being forced to drop out - again. Not at all happy about it, but I’ll never have peace if I don’t.

2-15-2021 - Well, looks like I have to quit again.

1-13-2021 - Going to change my political party affiliation from Republican to Independent. I cannot be a party to traitors and treason.

1-8-2021 - It’s not over yet, I fear. Reading post by Trump Loyalist vowing to fight on. I can imagine these types. I think I almost married one - thank goodness she decided to dump me.

1-1-2021 - First day of the new year. I want to get out for a ride, but too cold right now. Saw William Cohen call for Republicans to dump Trump and start a new party. Finally, an idea I can get behind.

12-29-2020 - This horrible year is almost over. Right now it’s difficult to be optimistic about 2021. Too many stupid people.

12-24-2020 - Merry Christmas. Finished my first ride on my new Wahoo Kickr trainer via Swift and took a tour through the French countryside. Much more realistic than grinding away on an indoor trainer.
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