On extended break from University right now. I'm trying to go back over everything I have studied up until this point to keep it fresh in my mind. At my age, you tend to forget new information rather quickly if you don't use it or do something to retain it. I'm hoping that the weather forecast is right and that the rain will move out after today so I can at least get some morning bike rides in. Maybe I will somehow manage to make my 2020 miles for 2020 after all. Inn the meantime, I hope that everyone remains safe and healthy and at least 2 meters away.

Lying Eyes...

Reminds me of someone. Actually, all of them.

Goodbye Beetle

Well, I'm not all the impressed with VW lately, but the Beetle has been an icon for as long as I have been alive and so I will miss the little car from Germany. I hope that mine will last a little while. It will be interesting to see what the future of automobiles and driving will be. I've been fortunate to see some amazing changes in my life time. I hope I will see many more to come.


The Final Year of the Decade

Well, we are finally at the end of a decade, not the start of one. At least if you are following the Gregorian calendar. If you don't believe me then check the article by Farmer's Almanac. You can also check the U.S. Naval Observatory as well. They addressed the issue back in 1999 when everyone believed that the year 2000 was the start of the next millenium rather than the end of one.


By Far My Favorite Comic for Years

I have been reading XKCD since al least 2004, perhaps a little longer. To really get the entire comic you need to hover the mouse over the comic and wait for the mouse-over text to appear. It helps if you are a fast reader. The author used to have a really cool tag line with a rather condescending reference to liberal arts majors.

In any case, here is to another year of XKCD. By the way, the decade isn't over until next year.

Degree Audit

Almost time to request a degree audit. After this coming semester I need to know what I have remaining so that I can graduate at the end of the year. I am hoping that they will at least accept nine hours of courses from Maryland as electives, which should eliminate those from my remaining coursework. What will be interesting is the remaining "e writing intensive "e courses that are showing as being required. Seems TSU isn't counting my old English and history courses which were much more writing intensive then than they are now. That's irony for you.