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Medical Definition of pathological liar : a person who lies compulsively usually for no external gain or benefit and often with detrimental consequences — see also Trump

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Keychron Q5 Keyboard

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I’m writing this review on a Keychron Q5, 96% Mechanical keyboard. I have been a fan of mechanical keyboards for decades now. I used to use a Mathias keyboard because I liked the tactile feel, key travel, and the “clicky” sound it made while typing on it. You can get all that with Keychron’s keyboards and you can almost endlessly customize them. Several models even allow you to swap out the switches so you can modify them until they feel just how you want them.
The first thing you will notice about this keyboard is that it is heavy. Weighing in at over three pounds, it is cut from a block of aluminum. Its premium feel is solid. The keycaps themselves look and feel high-end. Mine has the brown key switches so it is not as loud as the blue or red switches that I have in my other Keychron keyboards.
Another selling point is the customization options available with the freely available Via software. Out of the box, I was not able to find a steady, white backlight. So I downloaded and opened the Via software. The application did not recognize my keyboard right away and so I needed to take the extra step of downloading the appropriate JSON file. Once I did, the software recognized the keyboard and presented me with a plethora of customization options. I was easily able to find and customize the backlight settings.
So far, my only complaint would be the placement of the delete key. I could move it and edit the keyboard configuration easily enough. I can’t think of a better location for it now. Aside from the delete key, it’s hard to find fault with this keyboard. Those of us who have been around a while may become a bit nostalgic while using this keyboard. The keys remind me of the Honeywell and Dec systems I used to program on in the 1980s.
If you’re in the market for a premium keyboard, I recommend checking out Keychron’s entire Q line. The Q5 sells for $185 and is available to order direct from Keychron's website
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8-10-2022 - Waiting to find a date to schedule surgery.

8-8-2022 - Procedure scheduled for tomorrow. A little nervous, but there is probably no reason to be.

8-3-2022 - Still busy moving. Gastro appointment this week. We’ll find out how bad it is.

7-24-2022 - I finished moving stuff from the apartment to the new house yesterday. Just a few odds and ends to tidy up and then do a quick clean and finish. Then the real work begins.

7-11-2022 - It seems that Goodbye was well timed.

7-8-2022 - Endlessly waiting for the bank to actually do their job. Germans seem to be pretty lazy.

7-6-2022 - In America, Amazon Next Day delivery means literally it is delivered the following day. In Germany, it means that maybe we will ship it in the next three to five days, and sometime after that, the carrier may decide to load it on a vehicle and try and deliver it. Unless it is getting late, in which case we’ll try again sometime in the next few days.

7-2-2022 - Paid our part of the house. Now off to go hiking with Adriane’s old Volleyball team


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